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Arena Powerskin R-EVO Junior Classic


Arena Powerskin R-EVO Junior
Arena Powerskin R-EVO Junior Swim Powerskin for Youth Girl
Introducing the R-EVO CLASSIC, a compliant classic silhouette for the younger competitive swimmer. Constructed from the revolutionary lightweight woven R-EVO fabric - the same fabric used in our R-EVO One bonded tech suits. This unique and innovative construction wraps the body for an unprecedented fit while increasing freedom of movement, and dramatically increasing durability and comfort. FEATURES & BENEFITS ADVANCED HYDRODYNAMICS: Our POWERSKIN R-EVO ultra-lightweight fabric is so comfortable, it feels like a second skin....but don't be fooled. The R-EVO's ultra-fine threads and high-density weave combine to deliver excellent compression while dramatically reducing water absorption, therefore reducing surface drag and delivering streamlined hydrodynamics. EASY TO GET ON: The POWERSKIN R-EVO Classic stitched construction provides exceptional multi-directional stretch properties of the R-EVO woven fabric, combine to deliver a suit that is one of the easiest-to-wear classic silhouette competition suit we've ever produced. Meets USA Swimming competition compliant regulations for 12 and under age group. FINA APPROVED.